Wow ladies! Where to start? Welcome to the 2017-18 Club year!

I am honored, humbled, excited and a bit anxious to be your President this year.

What you can expect from me:

  1. I will be diligent in my service to you.
  2. I will be open and honest and teachable.
  3. I will lead to the best of my ability with grace and integrity.
  4. I will stretch outside my comfort zone and I will challenge you to stretch too.
  5. I expect you to hold me accountable!

Each one of us must take responsibility to make SWC fun AND effective. I need you to say YES to:

  1. Actively build relationships with each other. Not just at meetings but in life and in the community. As a service organization we must care about each other to effectively serve together and grow together.
  2. Actively build trust. When we plan or commit to something we will follow-through. We must be considerate and responsive to each member. We will build trust through our words and actions.
  3. Share the SWC mission. I confess this is not my strength but I’m going to step out of my comfort zone to make sure everyone I know knows who we are and what we do. If we each do that with pride and excitement we will grow and we will be more effective in our community.
  4. Every club member has the responsibility to serve in their assigned department and the opportunity to serve on a committee. Ideally every member contributes to a department AND a committee. We cannot depend on a few to do all and expect be strong and effective. No board member or department chair will serve alone. We are better together.
  5. Every hour and every dollar spent must come back to us in recognition. That’s just good business. We must be acknowledged so we can do even more. We cannot be the best kept secret in Forsyth County.

Ladies, I truly believe when we commit to these goals we will make a difference in our community, we will grow personally and
our club will grow and we will do great things. Please say YES.

Thank you for serving!

Sheree Crowe