Frequently Asked Questions about Membership (FAQ)

Do I need a sponsor to join Sawnee Woman’s Club?
Yes, you will need either a Sponsors for the Sawnee Woman’s Club who is current Active or a Sustainer or Honorary member of the Club.

I am new to Forsyth County and I don’t know anyone that is a member of the Sawnee Woman’s Club?
‘Like’ the Sawnee Woman’s Club Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and check out our Instagram profile. If you don’t know any current club members to sponser you, you may still move forward; submit the Prospective Member Application and check the box to be matched with a sponsor. We will then match you with a sponsor from our members. You will receive email confirmation once we have matched you with a sponsor.

What is the age criteria for membership into the Sawnee Woman’s Club?
In order to join, you need to be 18 years or older.

What are the typical annual dues for the Sawnee Woman’s Club?
As a member, the dues are $80 due in October each year.