UPDATE: In partnership with Reaping Nature Educational Outreach Foundation, Inc. and The Place of Forsyth County, we are looking for a space to call home for a Teacher Reuse Store in Forsyth County. If anyone knows of a space that can be donated for use, please contact Reaping Nature to learn more.

The Teacher Reuse Store is a collaboration of The Place of Forsyth County, Reaping Nature Educational Outreach Foundation and Sawnee Woman’s Club. Through this recycle and reuse program, we have kept a large amount of school supplies and related items out of our landfill and put them in the hands of Forsyth County’s teachers.

The shopping day was held this year on July 13th at The Place and 163 teachers showed up and got free supplies for their classrooms. Thanks to all those who volunteered to make this event a success!

For details about the Reuse Store teacher shopping day,  click HERE